Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turkish Traveller

Turkish man Eren Eruc crossed the Atlantic in a rowboat and tried to cross the Pacific. He didn't make it all the way, but set a record for being out there so long. [I just thought the article was interesting.]

Maids in Trouble

Scary article on maids in Lebanon. A large number have died during the past year, either of suicide or from falling off buildings. It sounds like they're being held captive by their employers. This isn't a Lebanese problem - it happens in the Gulf States too. And it's been known to happen in Western nations as well, before anyone starts thinking this is an "Arab" problem. This is a money and societal problem. People with money hire poor women from third-world countries and treat them like crap. In the US it mainly happens with women from Latin America, but in the Middle East, it's generally south Asians and Africans (edit: forgot to add Africans).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Top Stories 08/25

Al-Ahram (Egypt) - Sifting through the embers - article about a fire destroying the Shura Council building.

Asia Times - Let's talk about World War III - apparently I'm not the only one wondering about some kind of escalation happening with Russia in the Caucasus.

Gulf Times (Qatar) - Beijing bids farewell to 'exceptional' Olympics.

Turkish Daily News - Balancing atop Kurdish trapeze - "exclusive" interview with Ahmet Turk of the Democratic Society Party about the PKK (Kurdish Workers' Party).

The Gator Is Back

Yes, I am back in the US. I'll start posting tonight. I had a great time on my trip, but it's really good to be home.