Saturday, October 27, 2007

Power in Gaza?

Israel wants to stop rocket attacks from coming out of the Gaza Strip by cutting electricity to the area. Apparently Israel supplies about 60% of the electricity used in Gaza where the population is around 1.5 million. Israel is saying this will not cause a crisis in Gaza. I really wonder sometimes where they get the nerve to say things like that. The situation is already very bad in Gaza. Hamas (who I will remind my readers was democratically elected) is in charge in Gaza and the whole strip is being marginalized by Israel and Fatah (who controls the West Bank). People have trouble getting in or out, and I believe government workers are STILL waiting to be paid. When I say government workers, I'm not talking about terrorists, I'm talking about regular civil service jobs filled by everyday people who can't buy food for their families. Now they won't get enough electricity either. I hope the winters in Gaza aren't too cold.

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