Friday, March 7, 2008

Islamophobia on Primetime

Primetime, a news show on ABC (if you can call any of them "news" shows these days) has been doing special What Would You Do? episodes. They set up situations and see how ordinary people react. There was one a week or two ago about Islamophobia. A woman in a hijab walks into a bakery and the clerk refuses to serve her because she's Muslim and might be a terrorist.

If I remember their results correctly, I think 12 people stood up for the woman, and 6 people said the clerk was right to refuse service. What's more disturbing to me is that over 20 people stood by and did NOTHING. Maybe they didn't care, or maybe they were scared of what others might think of them if they did stand up for a Muslim. That bothers me.

Check out Primetime's Common Misunderstandings About Muslims.

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