Monday, June 16, 2008

Top Stories 06/16

Asia Times - Iraq takes a turn toward Tehran: an interesting look at the pressures on the Iraqi PM .

Gulf News (UAE) - they don't really have a "top story." They have news updates by time, and then top stories by region, etc. Here's the local top story - Dubai panel to probe learner drivers' failurese.

Yemen Times - Bani Hushaish residents' lives deteriorate as security measures escalate: this area is being blockaded because rebels (Houthi's) are hiding out there. Here's a quote from the government: "When they begin to starve and their source of income is interrupted, they will eventually hand over the Houthis in their area.

Tehran Times - Islamic world must have permanent Security Council seat: Leader:
the Ayatollah is calling for an Islamic country to get a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Currently, there are 5 permanent members: US, UK, Russia, France, China. That's because this dates back to the end of World War II. The winners got the Security Council. I think Italy is also making noise about wanting to be a permanent member.

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