Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yemen Fighting Still

Yemen is really disintegrating.  Things were a bit on edge before the "Arab Spring" started, and now it seems to be civil war between Saleh's tribe/clan and the Al-Ahmer clan (Hashid confederation).  There's fighting in Sana'a (which briefly shut down the airport) and in Ta'iz.  Apparently the military is using tanks and cannon in Sana'a, trying to take back government offices taken by the Al-Ahmer group.

And, of course, all the "infighting" helps AQAP.  They just took the seaport of Maqateen, in Shoqra city, Abyan province.  Parts of Abyan have been taken over by Islamists, and a city in Shabwa province was declared an "Islamic emirate."

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