Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Islamophobia in America

Most of you probably haven't heard of Herman Cain.  He's a republican, and a black man, who is running for President of the USA.  And the more I find out about him, the less I like him.  Now he's saying that communities in the US should be able to ban mosques if they want to.  He claims it's because Islam is not just a religion, but a set of laws as well.  Although, so is Christianity and Judaism.  He claims it's different in Christianity.  However, since there are Orthodox Jews in this country, would he be alright with communities banning synagogues?  Or is that different too?  Is it only Islam that qualifies?  What about Pentecostal Christians?  They have different rules they follow too, like women wearing skirts and not cutting their hair.  Does that qualify for banning?  Who gets to decide what gets banned?

This kind of bullshit really ticks me off.  Yes, there are terrorists out there.  Yes, some of them are Muslim.  Banning mosques gives the terrorists even more fodder - "Look at the Americans - they hate Islam, they ban mosques, yadda yadda yadda." 

If we're going to ban mosques because some Muslims are terrorists, then why don't we allow communities to ban churches, because some Christians are terrorists?  There are extreme Christians who bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors who perform abortions.  Or is that not true Christianity?  The same way terrorism is not true Islam.

There's a reason we have Freedom of Religion in America.  That way no one gets to choose who to ban.

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