Monday, October 17, 2011

Top Stories October 17, 2011

ArabNews (Saudi Arabia):  King arrives at hospital for surgery - King Abdullah is having more back problems.

Lebanon Daily Star:  Cabinet won't approve tribunal funding - The cabinet, with a Hizbollah majority, does not want to pay for the STL, which is investigating the Rafik Hariri assassination.  It's a big mess.

Haaretz (Israel):  Shalit family: High Court must not delay 'delicate' Israel-Hamas deal - Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is being exchanged for Palestinian prisoners.  But some Israelis do not want a swap that releases Palestinians (I don't know what these prisoners have been jailed for, it may be for terrorism).  Here's the timetable of what is supposed to happen.

Turkish Daily News:  Kurdish education brings questions on employment - Artuklu University is starting Turkey's first Kurdish program.  But can you find a job afterwards?

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