Wednesday, February 15, 2012

War with Iran?

I'm getting very concerned with the direction of talk in America.  There's more and more about the threat that Iran poses to the US, and Israel, and to everyone else.  Be afraid.  Be more afraid!  Iran is a threat!  We must do something!

There were some attacks on Israelis recently, and Israel is vowing retaliation for the one in Bangkok.  While I deplore terror attacks (of ANY kind) I was happy to see that ABC News did report that these attacks were in response to the assassination of Iranian scientists in Iran.

The US has sent more ships into the Arabian Gulf, including an aircraft carrier.  They were watched by Iranian forces.

Iran is putting nuclear fuel rods that it manufactured into their reactor in Tehran today.

Oliver Stone's son has accepted Islam while working on a documentary in Iran.

Let's hope that calmer heads prevail and the US does not attack Iran, preemptively or otherwise.  But the rhetoric is really heating up.

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