Monday, August 20, 2012

Top Stories August 20, 2012

ArabNews (Saudi Arabia):  Nation marks Eid with religious fervor - Eid Mubarak everyone!

Lebanon Daily  Star:  Assir and supporters demonstrate against Hezbollah, Syria - Sheikh Ahmad Assir and his supporters are protesting kidnappings and Hezbollah's weapons.

Haaretz (Israel):  Israeli Police: Hundreds watched attempt to lynch Palestinians in Jerusalem, did not interfere - This is really disgusting.  And it was done by teenagers!  It reminds me of the Jim Crow SouthHow dare these people be in our area.  They want our women.  They deserve it.  Those are not actual quotes, but an example of what some White Southerners used to say about Black Southerners.  And to hear something similar by Israelis about Palestinians is truly awful.  Here's an actual quote from a teenager who was there: "They shouldn't be here, it's our area. For what other reason would they come here if not to make passes at Jewish girls?"

Turkish Daily News:  BDP-PKK meeting adds to controversy - A meeting took place, but it's unclear whether it was intentional or just by chance.  Since the PKK is outlawed, the public prosecutor is looking into the matter.  The BDP is the Peace and Democracy Party.

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