Monday, September 10, 2012

Top Stories September 10, 2012

ArabNews (Saudi Arabia):  Time to make 'real investment' in health - An international conference on non-communicable diseases started on Sunday.

Lebanon Daily Star:  Car bomb kills 27, wounds 64 in Aleppo - The bloodshed in Syria continues.  Total deaths so far are estimated at over 27,000.

Haaretz (Israel):  Israel to compensate Palestinian family whose sons were killed in Gaza war - The sons were killed during a truce in Operation Cast Lead.

Turkish Daily News:  PM calls on judiciary to nix BDP immunity - This is a continuation of the BDP meeting (intentionally or not) with the outlawed PKK.  The BDP currently has parliamentary immunity, which Erdogan wants removed.  The BDP has threatened to leave parliament if that happens.

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