Sunday, January 27, 2008

News Roundup: Gaza

It figures, I'm sick for a while and the world goes to hell even more. So, what's going on? I'm mainly going to concentrate on Gaza. They've been cut off from the world. Israel closed the border and won't let anyone cross. They've run out of money, power, and now food. But Israel still refuses to do anything about that. So the people decided to rush the border with Egypt (more and more). And before anyone says "Hey, why don't you blame Egypt for any of this or ask why they didn't do anything?" - well, the border with Egypt is pretty small. Gaza is on the Mediterranean Sea, and it's surrounded in about the following percentages: 40% Mediterranean, 10% Egypt, 50% Israel. It's part of the Palestinian Territories, and it's been cut off because Hamas is in charge and Hamas hates Israel and wants it destroyed. Israel claims it is cutting off Gaza because of rocket attacks coming from there. And of course Hamas claims the rocket attacks are in response to Israeli attacks. Let's forget for a moment who is attacking whom at different times. That still leaves us with the Gaza Strip cut off from power, food, and money. And that is because of Israel.

Let me spin you a scenario. There are drug dealers and gangs in the Southside of Chicago and they kill innocent white people at a mall. So Chicago decides to put a wall around the Southside. So all the people who live there who AREN'T criminals are stuck and they start to run out of food and out of power in the middle of winter. Frankly, I can't think of any Americans who would stand for that. They'd be going "but what about the innocent people and the children?" But if it's Gaza, then it doesn't matter. Because Israel has decreed that all those Palestinians are terrorists, even the kids. And America won't stand up and say, "hey, stop launching attacks that kill children, open up the border so they can get food and medicine." It makes me sick that my own country could condone this. If it was anyone but Israel doing it, someone would have used the word genocide by now.

Enough soapbox, let's look at the news:
That's enough for now. I gotta think about something else.

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