Saturday, February 2, 2008

To Headscarf or Not To Headscarf?

The Turks are all in an uproar right now over headscarves, and it's not the way you're thinking. I'll forgo the argument about whether or not Turkey is part of Europe. The Turks are mostly Muslim but they have a secular government. It is illegal for women to wear headscarves at universities. And now they're mad because the government wants to change that.

Personally, I think forbidding the headscarf is discriminatory. I can see a lot of Americans thinking it might be good to ban the headscarf. But what if someone wanted to ban wearing necklaces with crosses on them? Or ban the long skirts that Penecostal women wear? It's the same principle with headscarves. Turkey has gone so secular in some matters that religion scares them. They're Muslims who are afraid to let women wear headscarves while attending college classes.

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The Old New Englander said...

I'm sure that a large majority of Americans would be surprised to learn that it is the Islamist party in Turkey that promotes democracy.

Of course woman should be permitted to wear the headscarf--just as they should be permitted not to. It should be an individual choice.