Sunday, May 30, 2010

Israel attacks aid ships?

I rarely comment on the situation in Palestine-Israel, because anyone who says anything bad about Israel is generally called an anti-Semite, and even academics have been known to have trouble finding jobs because of what they have said. So here goes:

The Gaza Strip has been sealed off for several years now, effectively making it into a large prison. Israel says it has been doing this to stop Hamas, although it does not seem to be working. Israel claims that Gaza is fine and does not need any humanitarian help. Today, several aid ships set sail to the port at Gaza to deliver various supplies, ranging from water purifiers to cement. Israel said it would stop them. According to several sources (Turkish Daily News, Haaretz, BBC, World Bulletin (Turkish)) Israel attacked the ships and there may be dozens injured and another dozen dead. Reports are still sketchy. This set off an angry protest in Istanbul, at the Israeli consulate.

I'm looking forward to what the mainstream US media will say about this situation, assuming they cover it all, since Monday is Memorial Day. More later.

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