Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yemen Roundup

Alright, let's do a Yemen roundup, since they've really made the news this week.

An American-Yemeni cleric who is probably part of al-Qa'eda has called for Muslims to kill Americans around the world. He also has links to the Fort Hood shooter, and the underwear bomber.

The deputy governor of Maarib province was trying to get an al-Qa'eda member to surrender. Unfortunately, he was accidentally killed by the Yemeni army, who was trying to bomb the militant. The local tribes were really upset about the deputy governor, so they blew up an oil pipeline.

The Yemeni government is helping UNICEF and others in their push to keep young girls in school. In some areas, young girls quit school early to work, so that their brothers can continue to get an education. Since one of the primary ways to get children educated is to have an educated mother, this is a very big deal. If you educate a man, you generally have one person educated. But if you educate a woman, who is staying at home raising children, then she in turn begins to educate the children. And it shows girls that they are worth an education because their mother has one.

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