Thursday, August 26, 2010

Human Rights

Yet again, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of domestic worker abuse. A maid from Sri Lanka had 24 nails hammered into her, when she complained about her workload. The Gulf States have a bad history of this. There are huge numbers of Southeast Asians who go to the Gulf, to make money to support their families back home. And they are generally exploited. I met a Pakistani man who had to work everyday for 1 year at his hotel job, then he received a month off to visit his family. And that was a good job.

It goes even further than that. Southeast Asians are seen as menial workers in the Gulf States. If you are a person of Southeast Asian ancestry, you may not want to travel there. I have read hotel reviews of wealthy Indians being mistreated at fancy hotels. I went on a student trip to the Gulf and a Muslim student was hassled at the airport because her ancestry is Pakistani. The Arab and Western ("white") looking students had no problems whatsoever. But every time we reached a security checkpoint, she was pulled out of line and her bags searched. Welcome to the Gulf.

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