Monday, August 29, 2011

Top Stories August 29, 2011

ArabNews (Saudi Arabia):  Mataf expansion to accommodate 130,000 pilgrims - The Kingdom is expanding the area around the Kaaba, so that more pilgrims can walk around it during the tawaf.

Lebanon Daily Star:  Syria snubs friends' advice - Syria is at odds with the Arab League, which wants the violence to stop.

Haaretz (Israel):  Terror attack in Tel Aviv leaves seven wounded - A West Bank man stole a taxi, ran over 2 people, then stabbed 5 more.  It's being called a "terror attack," but it's unclear at this point if perhaps the Palestinian man responsible is simply a common criminal.

Turkish Daily News:  Gul: We all lost trust in the Syrian regime - The Turkish president is calling for an end to authoritarian rule.

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain):  Clamp on violence - The security forces will "deal firmly" with "saboteurs" creating fear in Bahrain.

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