Wednesday, August 24, 2011

YemenWatch: Wednesday August 24, 2010

AQAP is still causing problems in Yemen.  Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Abyan province, and a military camp was attacked too.  You may remember that AQAP and possibly another group took over part of Abyan and are calling it an Islamic emirate now.  The Yemeni military is fighting back, near Zinjubar.

The Yemeni PM just returned from Saudi Arabia, where he had medical treatment.  He was injured during an assassination attempt on President Saleh, when the presidential palace was bombed in June.  Also, the head of the Shura Council just died from injuries from that June bombing.  The government is now blaming the attack on two of the opposition leaders.

The Yemen Observer reports that the FBI may be re-opening 9/11 investigations to see what part Anwar Al-Awlaki played in them.  They cite a Fox News article which says that the US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee is interested in Al-Awlaki.  In May of this year, Fox News reported that Al-Awlaki was a key player in 9/11.  This is interesting.  I haven't really heard anything about this, except on Fox News, which is a right-wing, conservative news source.  If I was a conspiracy nut, I'd say that someone is laying the ground work for a US invasion of Yemen.  Since I'm not a conspiracy nut, I'll just say that it makes me suspicious.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out that Al-Awlaki was involved in 9/11.  But the timing, as Yemen is disintegrating, and AQAP is going strong, and we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, is suspicious to me.

Tribesmen stopped a military shipment of Russian tanks from reaching Sana'a over the weekend.

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