Monday, January 2, 2012

Top Stories January 2, 2012

ArabNews (Saudi Arabia):  Mubarak trial resumes amid acquittal speculation - Hosni Mubarak is on trial, but people are worried he may be acquitted, because several policemen who killed protesters were just acquitted.  I don't think it will go over well if he is acquitted.  The Egyptian people are still pretty upset.

Lebanon Daily Star:  Hariri: Credibility of observers in Syria at stake - Hariri is speaking about the Arab League observers, whom he accuses of not telling the entire truth about what it happening in Syria.

Haaretz (Israel):  Hamas calls on Palestinian Authority to boycott peace talks with Israel - Negotiators for Israel and the PA are to meet in Jordan tomorrow.  They haven't spoken in over a year.  Hamas says that negotiation hasn't worked in the past, so why do it now?

Turkish Daily News:  Prosecutor launches probe on former chief of staff - Wow.  I hadn't heard about the "Internet Memorandum" case.  Apparently the General Staff was going to set up numerous websites for propaganda against the current ruling party, the outlawed PKK party, and Greeks and Armenians.

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