Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Islamophobia in Oklahoma

Trust Oklahoma to be near the front of this.  Last year voters in Oklahoma passed a law that would prohibit Oklahoma judges from recognizing international law, and specifically, Islamic law, in their rulings.  A lawsuit was filed against it, and a federal court is currently looking into the matter.

Here are some of the problems.  First of all, Shariah is not taking over the USA!!!  But a lot of people think it is.  Secondly, if Muslims try to make a contract or something according to Islamic law, maybe even their wills, then that could be in jeopardy.

And for Americans who think this couldn't possible affect them?  Well, what if two Jews wanted a contract that followed Jewish law?  Right now it would be legal.  But if Shariah is "banned" then what about Judaic law?  I've even heard radio advertisements for investment houses that follow biblical (Christian) law.  How can you allow some religious law, but not ALL religious law?  I know - maybe we should just go ahead and ban all religious law!  Because I don't want "those kinds of people" taking over my country.

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