Thursday, September 8, 2011

YemenWatch: Thursday September 8, 2011

If you read nothing else in this post, please check out Wal al-Waq's Yemen Update to see what's going.

Interesting article on media coverage of Yemen.  Are the protestors being forgotten as the US focuses on AQAP?  Journalists in Yemen are still being attackedCPJ Report 1, Report 2. RSF Report.

It looks like the GCC-sponsored plan for Yemen may be working.  I guess it's hard to rule a country when AQAP is running around undermining everything and everyone.

The French ambassador in Yemen has left, but supposedly it's only because his time was up.

More fighting in Abyan province, in which a hospital and mosque were hit.  AQAP militants took over a town in Shabwa province.  These militants appear to be calling themselves Ansar al Shariah.

Also fighting and looting in Aden.  Fighting in Taiz.

The Minister of Trade and Industry is denying reports that Yemen is running low on food supplies.

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