Thursday, September 15, 2011

YemenWatch: Thursday September 15, 2011

The UN is worried about civil war in Yemen, as well as human rights abuses.  They should be worried.

According to the Yemen Post, Saudi Arabia is sending tanks into Yemen to help President Saleh's regime.

More fighting in Sana'a as republican guards shelled the Hassaba district, home to Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer, a leader of the tribal confederation fighting Saleh. 

Military strikes at Arhab, outside Sana'a, killed civilians.

Protesters in Taiz were fired upon, and gassed.

There were explosions in Aden, resulting in at least one death, and another explosion in Dhamar province.

Yemeni forces freed Zinjubar and Ja'ar from AQAP control. (These were two of the cities declared Islamic emirates by AQAP militias.)  Saleh and the army general who defected (Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar) are both claiming the victory and blaming the other for supporting AQAP.

The Yemeni rights group HOOD is calling for an arms embargo against Yemen, especially for Russia to stop supplying weapons.

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