Monday, March 21, 2011

Top Stories March 21, 2011

ArabNews (Saudi Arabia):  Rival tanks deploy in streets of Yemen's capital - Several army commanders have joined the protesters against the Yemeni president.

Lebanon Daily Star:  Thousands in Beirut rally against sectarianism - It looks like the Lebanese people are getting tired of all the sectarianism.

Haaretz (Israel):  New round of coalition strikes in Tripoli, Libya state TV says - The rebels are trying to capitalize on the airstrikes against Gadhafi.

Turkish Daily News:  Alliance of the unaligned split on Libya intervention -  France and Turkey are having disagreements over how to act in regards to Libya.

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain):  Terror Plot Foiled - The Bahraini government claims to have "foiled a major terror plot aimed to jeopardise national security of GCC states."

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