Tuesday, March 29, 2011

YemenWatch: Tuesday March 29, 2011

Yemen has been under emergency law since Wednesday.  The vote itself is under question, as many MPs were not there for it.  Human Rights Watch has more.

HOOD (Yemeni rights organization) says that a teenager was beaten to death by policemen using their rifle butts.

The Sheikh of the Hashed tribe claims that an assassination plot is the works, targeting high-ranking figures.  This comes after the UAE police stopped smugglers from sending pistols to Sa'ada province in Yemen (that's the Houthi area).

Over 100 people, including several children, were killed when a weapons plant exploded in Abyan province.  The cause is not known.

Seven soldiers were killed by AQAP in an attack in Mareb province.

You may remember President Saleh saying he would leave by January 2012, but his political party, the GPC, is now saying he will remain until his term expires in 2013.  Saleh is calling for the youth of Yemen to form their own political party.

The US government and USAID is providing money to Yemeni hospitals, who are treating wounded protesters.  Unfortunately, the US has also given the Yemeni government a lot of anti-terrorism money, which can now be used as anti-protester money.  Human Rights Watch has called for the suspension of military aid from the US.

The Yemen Observer is reporting that Al-Jazeera is lying about Yemeni officials resigning.  Don't forget, in 2009 the Observer was owned by Saleh's secretary.  It probably still is.

Some GPC politicians are resigning, following a "massacre" on Friday.  The government is blaming an Islah party leader for the event.

Some MPs and military and academic sources claim Saleh is using AQAP as a bogeyman to stay in power.  Which is usually how it's done.  You must keep me in power - I will protect you!

Six foreign reporters were deported last week and one freelance reporter died during the protests.  The Yemeni Journalists' Syndicate has also been attacked.  Full report from the International Federation of Journalists.  More from Reporters Without Borders.

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