Monday, March 7, 2011

Top Stories March 7, 2011

ArabNews (Saudi Arabia):  Rebels repel Misrata attack; Saudis evacuated from Libya - Misrata is 200 km east of Tripoli and now appears to be under rebel control.

Lebanon Daily Star:  Hariri holds first talks in Saudi Arabia since fall of his Cabinet - Saad Hariri is in Riyadh to discuss the situation in Lebanon and the ongoing Arab protests in the Middle East.

Haaretz (Israel):  Clashes reported in Cairo for first time since Mubarak ousted - People protesting outside the state security offices were violently attacked.

Turkish Daily News:  Questions for Turkish journalists raise more questions - Two journalists were arrested for belonging to an illegal organization, but then were questioned about their articles and a book that hasn't been released yet.

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain):  Dialogue only solution says Crown Prince - We should find common ground, etc. etc.  ArabNews reports 20,000 new jobs in the Interior Ministry.

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