Thursday, March 31, 2011

YemenWatch: Thursday March 31, 2011

Human rights organizations are growing increasingly concerned over the situation in Yemen.

President Saleh is calling for a "Friday of Solidarity" in support of his rule.

Several hundred protesters were injured by non-uniformed government forces.  Live bullets were fired at the crowd and nerve gas may have been used as well.

Yemen Post reports that was blocked (I got redirected to, and the Islah Party site was hacked.  Other sites that have been previously blocked are, and  I went to earlier to see what they had to say, but I got a "bandwidth exceeded" message.

Apparently AQAP has decided that Abyan province is now an Islamic State.  I mention Abyan because a landmine was set to kill "experts" for the Canadian Nexen Petroleum company there.  And jihadists may or may not have taken over a radio station in Abyan, and declared the Islamic State.  There are reports of Jihadi groups running all over Abyan, and I'm not completely sure what's happening there.

The JMP (a coalition of opposition political parties) is accusing President Saleh of working with groups like AQAP and for being responsible for the explosion at the weapon's plant in Abyan.

The JMP, opposition leader Hameed Al-Ahmar, and former Yemeni president Ali Nasser Mohammed are all calling for Saleh's ouster.

The first GPC MP to resign had his house burned down.

Saleh has removed Republican Guard forces from some provinces in order to prevent a coup from taking place in Sana'a.

Anwar Al-Awlaki is all for new regimes in the Arab countries, even secular regimes, because they won't be as strong as the previous rulers so it should be easier for Al-Qa'eda to make inroads.

The chairman of Islah Party met with the US Ambassador yesterday.

This seems almost like a side note given the deteriorating situation in Yemen, but the men who kidnapped 4 Czechs were sentenced to jail terms.

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