Thursday, July 22, 2010

Edit Policy

I was reading an article on Slate, about how some blogs are not clear about their editing. For instance, they may post an article, and then the next day make changes without telling anyone. This made me decide to clear up my own editing policy, which is now posted on the right side of the blog. Occasionally, I will post something, and then almost immediately see another link I should have added. In that case, I go ahead and edit my post, without telling you, the reader. But after that first grace period (maybe 5-10 minutes or so), if I make a change to my post, I will put the word edit in there so that you know something has changed.

I do make an exception in one case: labels. Occasionally I forget to put in a label, or I misspell a label, and I may not notice for several days/weeks/months. In fact, I am trying to standardize some old labels (I have GB, UK, Great Britain, etc). So don't be surprised to see some label changes.

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