Friday, July 16, 2010

Evil is Expanding

I really detest the Dutchman Geert Wilders. He's the politician who produced that horrible anti-Islamic movie Fitna a few years ago. [See my original post and updates one and two.] Well, now old Geert has decided that it isn't enough to stop Islam in the Netherlands. He needs to go worldwide. So he's starting an "international alliance" to stop Islam. Here are some of the specifics:
  • He wants to ban immigration from Islamic countries
  • He wants to ban Islamic Shariah law
So he is starting the Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance, and making speeches in 5 countries to get it started: US, Canada, GB, France, and Germany.

Okay, where do I even begin? First of all, Geert Wilder is the leader of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands, and they did very well in the recent election there. Apparently he believes in women's rights and gay rights. But he hates Islam.

Let's take those two points up top:

1) Immigration - What exactly is an Islamic country? Is that a country where the official religion is Islam, such as Saudi Arabia? Or is that a secular country where the people are mainly Muslim, such as Turkey? Or does he just want to ban any Muslims from immigrating, even if they come from a non-Muslim country, such as Thailand?

2) Shariah - If you live in the United States, then you fall under US law, not Shariah law. In some Muslim countries the law is Shariah. And that is their right. So is Geert trying to abolish Shariah in someone else's country? I may not agree with the laws in Iran or Saudi Arabia, but they should only be changed if the people living there want it changed. What right does an outsider have to go into someone else's country and tell them how to live? Does Geert have any problems with Pentecostals? Perhaps he would like to come to America and tell the women to put on a pair of pants and some lipstick?

I am really concerned about this. There are a lot of Americans who are ignorant of Islam and what it stands for. And there are some who are already anti-Islamic and just looking for more justification in their actions. I remember what it was like right after 9-11. So many people were looking for somebody to punish. A Sikh man was killed because someone thought he was an Arab (because most Americans think all Muslims are Arabs, even though Indonesia is the largest Muslim country). I cannot stand the thought of the US becoming even more divided and of normal, innocent American Muslims living in fear.

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