Monday, July 19, 2010

Women's News July 19, 2010

The Iranian Girl's Soccer Team is having uniform issues. They're supposed to compete in the 2010 Youth Olympics in August. Their old uniforms were banned by FIFA in 2007 for being too restrictive. So these new uniforms were supposed to work in their place. Apparently the current problem isn't FIFA. The "top female official of Iran's physical education department was apparently offended by the uniforms" and doesn't want the team to wear them. No word yet on whether a compromise will be reached.

Life in Gaza just got more restrictive for women. Hamas has decided that women should not smoke water pipes (hookahs) in public. They're even sending agents out around town to make sure women obey. Women are upset because of the restriction, which one woman said doesn't make sense anyway, because you only smoke in restaurants, not in big public areas. The article has some interesting tidbits on other actions Hamas has tried to take, some of them unsuccessfully.

Syria has banned female students and teachers at universities from wearing the niqab (face covering). Syria is a secular country, like Turkey, and is worried because more women are wearing the niqab. The article goes into the social and political aspects of wearing the niqab and why the ruling party is concerned about it.

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