Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Burkas in France

Well, the National Assembly has voted, and you can no longer cover your face in France (see my original post here). It still has to pass a final approval, where it could be found unconstitutional. I'm hoping it will be. This is billed as something that will prevent people from covering their faces, unless they're ill, or wearing a motorcycle helmet, or fencing mask, etc. And the statistics cited say that less than 2,000 women actually wear a niqab or burka. So why are they being persecuted?

One of the people quoted in the article is concerned that this might confine women to their home. And that is a valid concern. Before the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the Shah passed some laws forbidding wearing a burka - and many older woman were housebound for years because they could not leave their homes without one - and not because of their husbands! Because it was part of their religion and their tradition and going outside without a burka would be like your mother going outside in a tiny bikini for all her errands. She probably wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.

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