Saturday, October 2, 2010

Israeli Textbooks

A principal from a school in Israel has been called to the Education Ministry, for daring to use an unapproved history text book.  This horrible book dares to show the Palestinian version of the events surrounding the creation of Israel in 1948.  In general, the approved books don't mention the Palestinians, or they just say that they voluntarily left "Israel."  These books don't mention the Palestinians forced out or killed by Israeli troops, or the ones who left because they were living in a war zone but thought they could return once the fighting stopped.

I went to an American school with American textbooks.  When I was a child, Native Americans were savages who were saved by the white Christians who took over their land and forced them onto reservations.  When that finally began to change, some people complained that it was all about "political correctness."  It wasn't.  It was about THE TRUTH.  Current textbooks do a much better job of explaining what happened.  Sometimes governments do really heinous things to people.  But it's much better to get it out in the open and to get over it, than to hide it and let it fester for decades.  Because then it becomes so much harder to explain.

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