Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Islamophobia in America

There are some really wacko people in America.  Sharron Angle is running for the office of senator, in the state of Nevada.  Someone asked her about the Shariah law happening in the US, so she had to show her ignorance, by castigating Dearborn, Michigan, for coming under Shariah law.  If I remember correctly, Dearborn has the largest Muslim community in the US.  And since it is an American city, it is under American law!  What the hell is wrong with these people who seem to think that if a few Muslims get together then the rule of law changes!  The only way Shariah law could take over is through a constitutional amendment, which would require at least 35 states to approve of it!  But these right-wing crazies have no intention of letting the facts get in the way of their bizarre beliefs. 

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