Friday, October 29, 2010

YemenWatch: Friday October 29, 2010: Part 3

According to ABC News, there may be 15 packages containing explosives, and the US government is looking for them.  The terrorism expert for ABC keeps talking about how Yemen has more al-Qa'eda members than Afghanistan, but there are no American troops in Yemen.  I seriously hope that no one is thinking of invading liberating Yemen from AQAP.

As a point of context for these bombs:  Chicago is considered to be President Obama's hometown.  And the US elections are next week on Tuesday.

Great Britain is going to be checking Yemeni freight more now.  And the US is still looking to see if there is more to the plot.

Kudos to Obama for not changing his plans, which include heading to Chicago soon.  That is the biggest point I would like to make.  Since 9-11, Americans have lost a number of civil liberties, all in the name of security.  And many people are scared.  If you are scared, if you stop going on vacation, then the terrorists win.  If you are so paranoid, that everyone must be strip-searched before getting on an airplane, then the terrorists win.  If you think that Ground Zero should be some kind of shrine and no buildings should ever be built there, then the terrorists win.  The point of terror is to make people afraid and to make them change their way of life.  Well, guess what.  It looks like they're succeeding.

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