Friday, October 29, 2010

YemenWatch: Friday October 29, 2010

The Swedish engineer and driver who were kidnapped yesterday have already been released.  Yay!

Transparency International has a Corruption Perceptions Index.  Yemen was just ranked #146 out of 178 nations.  Somalia is the 178th.

In August, AQAP published a list of targets.  One of them is an intelligence officer who was just car-bombed in Abyan.  Luckily, it looks like the bombs were either found, or else no one was hurt when they went off.  The article doesn't specify what happened.

The tribes in Shabwa are still upset about the South Korean oil company.  Apparently they made some kind of truce with the local government, but then the government failed to follow through on its promises.  The entire fight revolves around the tribes wanting some job spots allocated to them, in the company.  Which seems to be how it usually works in Yemen.

There is a separatist movement in southern Yemen called Al-Harak.  They are the ones who attacked the sports club in Aden where the Gulf Cup will be held.  Al-Harak is saying:  "We will use all forms of peaceful struggle to thwart the football championship and Aden will be unsafe for it."

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