Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saudi Arabia buys arms and imprisons women

Saudi Arabia and the US reached an arms agreement that will supply the kingdom with F-15s and helicopters.  Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the Gulf, and is situated right next to Iran and Yemen.  With all the trouble Ahmadinejad has been talking up, it makes sense that the US would want it well armed and dependent upon the West.  And Yemen is about ready to implode.  I'll post separately on that.

The court system in Saudi Arabia is also being criticized by Human Rights Watch for being very patriarchal and ruling against women.  Women in the kingdom fall under the authority of their father or husband.  One woman is in jail for disobeying her father, even after she managed to successfully sue him when he tried to prevent her marriage.  The article doesn't say if the marriage went through or not, but this whole situation is ridiculous.  Women are perfectly capable of opening their own bank accounts, using government services, and traveling.  They should not be treated like children or cattle!

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