Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Women's News January 18, 2011

The Yemen Observer has their own person of the year:  Gamalah al-Baidhani.  She's founder and chairperson of the ALTAHADI Foundation for the disabled.

News of the weird:  A French-Iranian girl was convicted of luring a Jewish man to be kidnapped and tortured, then killed by a gang in France.  She's currently in prison.  But the head of the prison has been having an affair with her.  So has one of the guards.  It's a big mess.
The Yemeni government has been arresting some Shi'ites on charges such as spying for Iran and promoting Shi'ism.  This leaves their wives in limbo, so some of them have joined the Yemeni Organization for Defending Human Rights.

A psychologist in Turkey is out of a job, supposedly because her skirt was too short.  First she was reassigned, then her contract was not renewed.

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