Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YemenWatch: Tuesday January 11, 2011

The US and Great Britain are sending special forces units to Yemen, to train Yemeni counter-terrorism units.  The new units will be in Abyan, Shabwa, Hadramout and Mareb provinces.  In Abyan, 6 soldiers were killed in an ambush over the weekend.  Two military convoys were attacked on Friday.  And more soldiers were injured in fighting on Saturday.

Saudi Arabia is looking for Al-Qa'eda members and says 16 of them are hiding out in Yemen.

A Yemeni air force plane fired a rocket on a village in Sana'a province.  No word yet on what that is about.

There was more fighting in Lehj province between the government and southern separatists, including protests in Aden.

Tribesmen in Jawf province set up a checkpoint on the road to Sana'a.  There are also some problems between (I think) another tribe in Jawf and Saudi Arabia.  Apparently a tribesman was killed so the tribe was holding some Saudis prisoner.  Four of them were released.

Four Egyptians were extradited back to Egypt.  They were captured in August, fighting for the Houthis.

An American man in California was convicted of spying for Yemen and shipping military materials there.  He is originally from Yemen.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Yemen today to talk about counter-terrorism efforts.  She may also have met with the JMP opposition parties.

The president of Turkey was in Yemen on Monday to talk about investment opportunities there.  Turkey and Yemen are also working on an agreement so that visas are not required to visit either country.

Germany has offered 5 million Euros to help Yemen with "awareness of reproductive health" issues.

Parts of Sa'adah province have been hit hard by the fighting between the Yemeni government and the Houthis, so the EU, UN, and World Bank want to help rebuild it.

Election Mess:  A member of the GPC has set forth an initiative to try and help the political crisis.  The JMP is looking at it.  The initiative would postpone the elections that are supposed to be held in April (which the JMP is threatening to boycott as illegal) and may help form a coalition government.

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