Sunday, January 30, 2011

YemenWatch: Sunday January 30, 2011

I've been a bit distracted by the events in Egypt, but I haven't forgotten Yemen - things are heating up there too!

AQAP is calling for a holy war against the Houthis in the north (they're Shi'ites).

Several AQAP suspects were arrested last week, and one of them escaped from a hospital in Aden this weekend.  Four others were sentenced to jail time.

A security patrol was attacked in Marib province, and last week the Criminal Evidence Director was killed.  AQAP is suspected.

Yemenia Airlines is no longer flying to Cairo, for the moment.  There are Yemenis stranded in Egypt, and the Yemen government is trying to evacuate them.

YemenOnline reports that it was hacked, and reports on protests against Saleh were removed.

15,000 protested against President Saleh in Sana'a.  There was also a protest in Taiz province.  Yemenis are marching not just to oust Saleh but in solidarity with Egyptians.  The protests in Tunisia have inspired Yemenis and Jordanians.  Analysts are worried that if Saleh is ousted, chaos would overtake Yemen, which would aid AQAP.  Others are worried that a party like Islah might take over (Karman is calling for a Day of Rage on Thursday).  On Saturday protestors and journalists were attacked by security forces.

There are rumors that Saleh appointed his youngest son as head of the newly created Mountain Infantry Division.

There are rumors that the GPC called the JMP about resuming a dialogue.  The JMP is saying that hasn't happened.  The GPC says it is true.

Jewish news in Yemen too.

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