Saturday, January 22, 2011

YemenWatch: Saturday January 22, 2011

Fuad Rashid, editor of the Mukalla Press, has finally been released.  Here's a good quote from the article:
Observers believe that press freedom in Yemen has come under attack as government argues that national security is more important than transparency. (emphasis added).
Gee, that sounds kind of familiar.

2,500 protesters rallied against President Saleh at the University of Sana'a.  They protested at the university, because Saleh has control of the city.  Tunisia has really inspired a lot of the Middle East, and Saleh has already had to make a few concessions, while he cracks down on protests.

More troops have been sent to Shabwa province to fight AQAP.

Yemen Online has a transcript of the US Ambassador to Yemen's interview on NPR, about the dangers of AQAP.

More fighting in Aden on Friday night.  This follows the protests that have been going on this week.

Statistics are in.  Last year 1,030 men were wounded or killed from the Yemeni Security Services.

Yemen and the United States are discussing possibly lifting the ban on air cargo arriving from Yemen.

There are plans to build an airport in Jawf province, to help with tourism.  Yemen has several UNESCO World Heritage sites and more on the Tentative List.

The National Committee to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing held a workshop on that subject in conjunction with the US Embassy. 

Yemen's minister for Trade and Industry was fired today and and a new one was appointed.  This follows the firings last week of the Oil and Minerals minister and Yemen Petroleum Company director.

The Capital Chamber of Commerce and Industry is trying to rally merchants to get a bigger voice in parliament.

An interesting political situation in the south.  Sheikh Tarek Al-Fadhli, who apparently used to work with Osama bin Laden (possibly during the mujahadeen days) and with President Saleh, burned the Yemeni flag, the American flag, the South Yemen flag, and the separatist's flag, at his palace in Abyan province.  Then he said he wants to liberate the south from the communists and the northern occupiers.  Definitely read this article.

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