Wednesday, January 5, 2011

YemenWatch: Tuesday January 4, 2011

I'm experimenting with taking YemenWatch down to twice a week, depending upon how active it is.

The ceasefire with the Houthis seems to be going well so far.  Qatar is responsible for the mediation.  The Houthis have given back all of the military vehicles they captured in Saada province.

A military camp in Al-Jawf province is under siege by armed tribesmen.  This is in northern Yemen, next to Sadah province, but the article doesn't say if it's Houthi related.

Three soldiers were hurt in Shabwa in what is thought to be an AQAP attack.

The southern separatist movement Al-Harak is using civil disobedience to shut down business on the first Monday of every month.

One of the leaders of the Southern Movement in Hadramout was detained.

80 Africans died trying to cross the sea into Yemen.

The World Food Program is giving $53 million for Somali refugees in Yemen.

A Somali man was sentenced to death and 3 Yemenis got 25 years each, on drug distribution charges.


More election mess.  The US weighed in on those constitutional amendments, and is accused of interfering.  An opposition party that's not part of the JMP opposition group said that their leader was attacked by a gunman.  The JMP is still boycotting parliament.  But they did discuss a letter sent to them from a GPC panel.

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