Tuesday, January 18, 2011

YemenWatch: Tuesday January 18, 2011

Fighting between Houthis and tribesmen left one dead in Sa'ada province.

Journalist Abdul Elah Haidar has been sentenced to 5 years in jail, and Abdel Karim Al-Shami received two years.  Haidar is accused of working for AQAP.  Reporters Without Borders has condemned the verdict.

US Senators will be visiting Yemen anytime (itinerary is confidential).  The Senators are Jack Reed of Maryland, Carl Levin of Michigan, and Jon Tester of Vermont.

Security forces fired on protesters in Lahj province.  The protesters are upset about the government taking over a village while they look for separatists.

A 19-year-old Yemeni man was sentenced to death for killing a French man last year.  This is the same trial were Anwar Al-Awlaki is being tried in absentia.

Five people were arrested in Sana'a for taking part in a protest/rally in support of Tunisia.  Some also yelled for Saleh to step down.

A man working for the United Nations Refugee Agency has been accused of blackmailing refugees.

Yemeni security may have stopped an attempt to kidnap 4 Czechs in Sana'a province.

Pirates kidnapped 6 from a Danish ship in the Gulf of Aden.

Is Yemen the next Tunisia?  Read about the similarities

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