Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flotilla Investigation

Apparently the US is now saying it should be an international investigation. So far Israel rejects this notion, because obviously any international probe would be against Israel (that's what the newspaper says). Am I the only person who finds that statement odd? "We can't have an international investigation because everyone hates us and will find against us, no matter what really happened."

So far, the investigation committee will be made up of Israeli jurists. Netanyahu (the PM of Israel) says that any investigation should use the facts already in evidence from the IDF internal investigation, and the military personnel involved in the attack should not be interviewed.

So let me get this straight. The IDF has already done their investigation, which we all know about. And the PM wants the new investigators to get all of their data from the IDF investigation. That does not sound like an investigation to me. That sounds more like a cover up. "Don't worry about investigating or talking to the people involved. We have all the data already. Just read it over and come to a conclusion."

Whatever happened to the truth? If Israel is innocent and its soldiers were attacked, why doesn't it release the entire unedited video footage of the event? Why did it confiscate all cameras and memory cards? If Israel has nothing to hide, then why is it hiding!

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