Monday, June 7, 2010

Flotilla News Roundup

Haaretz has a number of good articles on the situation. (Thank God for a free press in Israel.)

The IDF admits that it did doctor some of the audio footage. The IDF was talking on an open channel to the flotilla, and someone, somewhere, did say "go back to Auschwitz." But it's impossible to know who said it. The original IDF footage was compressed and implied that the Mavi Marmara said it. The part about 9/11 comes after almost a minute of silence.

Max Blumenthal has a good report of the audio incident. Including information that the new footage is also doctored. At one point you hear a woman say "We have permission from the Gaza Port Authority..." but this woman, Huwaida Arraf, claims she did not say that at this time. She has been on several Free Gaza trips, and this footage appears to be from one of those.

Some of the activists taken in the original flotilla last Monday appear to missing. Possibly 4-6 activists are missing and their situation is unknown. Also, the list of casualties is growing as more wounded activists finally reach home.

According to Haaretz, Syria wants to help Gaza, and the Turkish PM may sail to Gaza. And somewhere I read that Iran is sending ships to Gaza.

The Knesset House Committee voted to revoke the privileges of an Arab Knesset Member who was part of the recent Gaza flotilla. Another Arab Member received a death threat after comparing the Israeli commandos' actions to the Nazis.

The current head of the Arab League will make his first visit to Gaza.

The IDF is claiming that the flotilla had Hamas and al-Qa'eda agents on board, even though one of them is a well known peace activist.

Good article by a former Israeli politician on how Israel needs to change.

Israel fired warning shots before boarding the Mavi Marmara according to the Jerusalem Post and New York Times.

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