Monday, June 21, 2010

Top Stories June 21, 2010 (Saudi Arabia): Unacceptable siege - One of the top stories is an editorial about Gaza.

The Daily Star (Lebanon): Sfeir becomes first patriarch to visit Bekaa in 72 years - Sfeir is the Maronite Patriarch. The last visit was before Lebanon became a country. According to the article, Bekaa has the largest Greek Catholic community in the Middle East.

Haaretz (Israel): 22 Palestinian homes to be razed in East Jerusalem - so the Israelis can build a tourist center. This is another disaster in the making. Supposedly the displaced families could build new homes in the area, but no one is sure how that would be financed. The Prime Minister even asked the Mayor of Jerusalem to slow down a bit, because this might upset the US. Here's a quote about the neighborhood:
The contested site is a section of a larger neighborhood called Silwan, which is home to some 50,000 Palestinians and 70 Jewish families.
Turkish Daily News: Turkish military determined to fight terror, top general says - there have been attacks recently by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

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