Thursday, June 3, 2010

What the hell is going on?

Alright, things may be getting scary. A friend sent me a link saying that Turkey will be sending another aid flotilla to Gaza, but this time the Turkish Navy will escort it! Following the links brought me to this article, out of India, which appears to be where the story originated. And Ian Walsh has some succinct comments on what might happen if Israel and Turkey went to war.

Turkey and Israel have military and economic ties. Some of the military ties are still there, but Turkey has called off some joint military drills and stopped energy projects.

United Nations: "UN Human Rights Council [yesterday] voted to dispatch an independent, international probe into violations of international law resulting from Israel’s actions."

My favorite post of the day is from Juan Cole. Here it is in it's entirety:

Hey, Tea Party. A foreign navy boarded an unarmed ship flying the flag of a NATO member in international waters and shot dead an American citizen with four bullets to the head and one in the chest on Memorial Day. It did this while the head of the belligerent state was on his way to a state visit to Washington, DC, to be awarded a further $200 million in aid on top of the $3 billion of American taxpayer money the US gives away to him every year.

If you are not upset by this, your tea is weak, man. Weak."

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