Sunday, June 13, 2010

Top Stories June 14, 2010

Algeria Daily: Group C preview: England need Rooney to perform - well, it's definitely World Cup time if the top story in Algeria is about England. Of course, Algeria will be playing them this week, so I guess that does make sense.

Haaretz (Israel): PMO officially announces internal Gaza flotilla raid probe panel - the good news is that there will be 2 foreign observers on the panel (Iranian and Canadian).

Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey): European Union wakes up to Turkey's new role - Turkey is all over the place. In a lot of places, Turkey is considered part of Europe. Even they consider themselves part of Europe, hence their determination to join the EU. Now people are worried that Turkey is drifting to the East (i.e. Arabs, Iran, Russia, etc.)

Tehran Times (Iran): Iran, Pakistan put finishing touch on gas export deal - Iran and Pakistan are building a gas pipeline that will connect the two countries. India may or may not join in, depending upon how it feels about Pakistan.

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