Sunday, June 6, 2010

Top Stories June 7, 2010

Al-Ahram (Egypt): Marmara, and beyond - being a weekly magazine, they're a little behind, but the attack on the flotilla is their top news.

Haaretz (Israel): Israel still balking at external Gaza flotilla probe, despite growing world pressure - Israel has no problem with an investigation, as long as it is conducted by Israel. The rest of the world, however, would like someone a bit more impartial to investigate the situation.

Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey): Pressing for freedom: Two centuries of ceaseless struggle in Turkey - a banner at the top of the page links to new photos of the Marmara attack, but the top story is about censorship and the press.

In other news, an American art student (with Israeli citizenship) lost an eye during a protest following the Marmara attack. According to witnesses, the IDF fired tear gas containers at the protesters. According to the IDF, they did no such thing; the tear gas container rebounded off of a wall. The US has actually demanded an investigation, but it appears the IDF has already done that.

Read an interview with Uri Avnery, an Israeli peace activist, about the real reason for the Gaza blockade.

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