Monday, November 29, 2010

Top Stories November 29, 2010

Arab News (Saudi Arabia):  King Abdullah undergoing physiotherapy - The surgery went well and the king is recovering.

Daily Star (Lebanon):  Iran backs Saudi-Syrian bid to defuse crisis -  Apparently the Iranians have decided to back Hariri and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.  Which may indict Hizbollah, which may cause fighting to break out.  At least they are backing the government.

Haaretz (Israel):  WikiLeaks expose: Israel offered to coordinate Cast Lead with Egypt and Fatah - Yes, you read that correctly.  Before Israel attacked Hamas in Gaza, it asked Fatah and Egypt if they were willing to take over.

Turkish Daily News:  WikiLeaks unleashes flood of confidential US cables - Info on the massive WikiLeaks documents release.

Russian News Agency:  U.S. officials spy on UN diplomats - WikiLeaks - More info on the documents.

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