Sunday, November 28, 2010

YemenWatch: late November

AQAP has taken credit for killing Shi'ites (Houthi) in northern Yemen.  The Houthi Group has blamed the US for the bombings, which the US says is not true, and it has condemned the attacks.  The Houthis may also be expanding their control to outside of Saada.

It looks like a suicide bomber blew himself up in Aden.  His bomb went off as he left a taxi, headed for a police station.  No news yet on who he was working for.

A lot of the air strikes against AQAP were carried out by the US, but President Saleh told his people it was the Yemeni military.  He's been exposed by WikiLeaks.

The trial of journalist Abdul Elah Haidar is now set for December 5th.  He's a terrorism expert accused of working with AQAP.

The separatists in southern Yemen held a protest this week.  And later a separatist activist was arrested, which set off some fighting.

Apparently the US has a new strategy for fighting AQAP in Yemen.  Finally.  More from the US Ambassador.

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