Friday, November 12, 2010

YemenWatch: Friday November 12, 2010

According to a newspaper in Kuwait, some Al-Qa'eda members who escaped Afghanistan to Iran have now escaped Iran and moved to Yemen, because of AQAP.  And a Kuwaiti spokesman for Al-Qa'eda has also moved to Yemen.  The newspaper says it got the information from a "confidential report" that was given to Gulf security officials.  

The Hajj starts next week, and Saudi Arabia is stepping up security in case of an AQAP attack.  And you may remember that last week some Yemenis on their way there died in a bus crash.

According to a new report out of Britain, the parcel bomb discovered there may have been disarmed "accidentally."

An American is in jail in Yemen for ties to AQAP and talking with Anwar Al-Awlaki.  He was hospitalized in March, and tried to escape, and killed a guard.


Four Yemeni soldiers were injured when armed men attacked a checkpoint in Dhale province.  This seems to be part of the separatists attacks, not AQAP.

Four other people were killed in Abyan province on Monday, part of various ongoing tribal clashes.  According to the article "the government had chosen and intended to keep silent about the incident."

An electrical room at a sports stadium in Aden, that is part of the Gulf Cup facilities, caught on fire.  It caused a power outage for about an hour.  There were a lot of smoke and flames at the stadium, which supposedly were part of a drill for firefighters and security staff.

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