Monday, November 1, 2010

Women's News November 1, 2010

Princess Sabeeka, wife of the king of Bahrain, attended the 3rd Arab Women's Organization (AWO) conference in Tunisia.  She "stressed the importance of promoting Arab women as key partners in development amid global changes."

The World Economic Forum issues a Gender Gap Index every year.  For the last 3 years Yemen has been last, out of 134 countries, and this year was worse than 2008.  It's a very depressing issue for the organizations involved.  By contrast, the UAE ranked at 103, the best in the Middle East.  

In August, a cleric in Saudia Arabia issued a fatwa saying that female cashiers violated sex segregation.  The top government clerics are now endorsing his fatwa on banning female cashiers.  Just another step backward for Saudi Arabia.  More information here.

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